Mollie Wirtz, LMHC verified by

Supportive, creative mental health counseling



Counseling Competencies

  • Experienced in supporting youth, families, couples, polycules, adults

  • Transgender/non-binary affirmative

  • Trauma-informed practices

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapist

  • Sex-positive

  • Polyamorous friendly/knowledgeable

  • Kink friendly/knowledgeable

  • Queer

  • Experience in supporting people on the austism spectrum

  • Health at Every Size supportive, body positive


My mission is to support my clients with a compassionate, creative approach using a cognitive behavioral framework, connecting thoughts, feelings and actions. I want to help people discover ways to heal and move forward in their lives, discover goals they want to set, and the individual ways in which they will be meeting those goals.


I have been a mental health therapist since 2005, working with youth, families and individuals in a variety of domains, including in-home family therapy, foster care, and in schools. I have extensive experience in supporting youth ages 5-18, including culturally/ethnically diverse individuals, recent immigrants, and transgender, non-binary, and/or gender fluid youth. I am also knowledgeable in supporting polyamorous, kinky, and queer individuals. I am a licensed Mental Health Therapist, LH 60344737, graduated from Eastern Washington University in 2005 with a Master’s in Applied Psychology. 

Presented at the 2013 Washington Re-Education Conference:

Growing Community, Naturally: Healing Troubled Youth Through Gardening

Head of the Seattle Counselor’s Association Marketing Committee: 2018 - present.