Catching Thinking Errors

Have you ever caught yourself in a "should loop"? Repetitive thinking about how things should be, getting frustrated with the fact that they aren't how you envisioned? Much of what causes us uncomfortable feelings can be found in the thinking that proceeds it. Cruise through some examples of typical thinking errors in the infographic and see if any seem familiar to you.

Cognitive behavioral therapy works from the idea that:
Thoughts --> feelings --> actions
I have a thought, which causes feelings in me, and I make choices based on those feelings. It is very difficult to just change a feeling, we need to identify the thinking that drives the feelings, and assess whether that thinking pattern is really reflective of reality. If people are repeatedly making choices that find themselves regretting, or experiencing feelings that are distressing, starting with the thought patterns can be very useful. 

Next week's blog: so yeah, I am using some thinking errors that are resulting in feelings that I don't like. Now what???

thinking errors (1).png
Mollie Wirtz