Steps for the Socially Skillful 

Do you struggle with social interactions and feel like you could benefit from practice coupled with structured, empathetic feedback on your skills? This summer, I will be accepting applications for a small, highly curated group for people who are motivated for personal change, and are ready to use one of the most research-supported modalities for improving social skills. The group will last 6 weeks, clients will also be expected to complete a 1:1 in person intake before the first group. Maximum size for this group will be 5 attendees, with one facilitator.  Groups will be 70 minutes weekly on Monday nights, and will begin mid to late July. (Exact date TBD) People ages 18 to mid 30s are welcome apply.

The package is $350, including the 1/2 hour intake. 

I have 7 years experience running psycho-educational social skills groups. People who report benefiting  from these groups often have diagnoses of autism spectrum disorder and/or anxiety disorders, though not exclusively. 

If you are interested in being considered for this group, please fill out the contact information below. 


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